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It's never too early to explore
NEW HARVEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. We view the "get to know each other" process as a two way street. We want to make sure you are a match for us, and we encourage you to make sure that we are a match for your family.

A great way to begin this mutual exploration is during our next open house. All are welcome!

Call our office at 805-486-4656, or for more information!

All families must sign up for a FACTS payment plan by clicking on the FACTS icon below. This sign up process will only take a few minutes. Thank you for your cooperation and compliance regarding this important step.

  • We help kids be their best academically and spiritually.
  • We provide a world-class curriculum that results in superior test scores.
  • We inspire confidence in kids so they are free to develop their God given gifts.
  • We equip kids to stand firm in their faith and to share that wisdom with others.
  • We integrate a classical curriculum with hands on experiences and relevant field trips.