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  • This school is fabulous. The entire curriculum is Biblically based even the math. Teachers pray with students throughout the day. Their program includes math, science, reading, history, arts and crafts, PE, literature and so much more. Field trips are planned frequently too. My daughter graduated last year and she learned so much that high school is a breeze for her!

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  • I love my new school! In my old school I was feeling pressure to get high and be disrespectful. My old friends changed and were into sex and clothes more than true living. In my new school at New Harvest I am treated like a thinking person of value. My new friends care about me, God, their family and ideas more than shallow things like getting high and what people say or wear. I have realized my talents and feel good to love God and my family fully once again.

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  • NHCS is an answer to prayer. My daughter (8) is having such a positive experience there. She attended another private Christian school where she was frustrated, unhappy, and stressed out! My husband and I have seen her blossom in her new environment. My daughter is bright but has dyslexia. She attends private tutoring as well. The principal at NHCS is so great about educating the staff on learning differences. Her second grade teacher really understands how to help my daughter be successful without watering down the challenging academic content. I love the chapel services. They learn about God in a loving and truthful way.

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Reviews from Facebook

    positive review  This is a great school with great teachers and staff! A school where Christian values mean something to everyone who attends and works there. It’s more than a school it’s a family.

    Darrell D. Ebberson Avatar Darrell D. Ebberson
    December 12, 2018

    5 star review  I love that my kids will get to learn all about God while also getting a high caliber education. Knowing that they can talk to God anytime and are ENCOURAGED to do it is liberating as a parent! Coming from the public school system where I heard all kinds of words and fighting when I picked my kids up, I'm blown away by the polite, fun-loving, friendly & SMART students at NHCS. The teachers are always helpful and are prolific pray-ers. My husband and I couldn't be happier about our decision to invest in our children's future!

    Amanda Pabustan Avatar Amanda Pabustan
    January 23, 2015

    5 star review  I am a former student of New Harvest Christian School. I attended the school for 7th & 8th grade. Before coming to this school, I had been in public school my entire life. I had a lot of personal and spiritual issues before I started my first year here. When I started 7th grade and began learning about prophecy in my bible class, I became spiritually closer to God day by day. In all of my classes my grades were significantly higher than all my public school years. The education was definitely a lot harder than the education I received in public school. However, being academically pushed allowed me to prove myself how much I could achieve. Also, the classes are extremely smaller to public school classes, which allowed my teacher to help us individually and helped me make friends easily (as a shy person, it's a hard task to get done). My 8th grade year was absolutely amazing. I got to become extremely closer to my friends who are now family. I also had an amazing teacher and was privileged to go on a trip to the east coast with a few of my classmates. This school changed my life. Here I encountered God's power, love, and mercy. I had an amazing experience at New Harvest Christian School, and I will never forget it.

    Natalia Rodriguez Avatar Natalia Rodriguez
    January 23, 2017

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