Teacher's Corner
  • "We are studying jazz in February and will go to the Walt Disney Concert Hall to see a live jazz performance."
    -Jessica Paliotto, Teacher
  • "All subjects are taught with a Biblical worldview. God’s Word and character are revealed in all the different subjects."
    -Caroline Thompson, Teacher
  • "We also offer a phenomenal art program which is not available anywhere else."
    -Lauren Nguyen, Teacher
  • "I love that we teach children how to think and reason from the Scriptures, not purely rote memorization."
    -Julie McGuire, Teacher


An integrated approach that teaches kids to think.

Our curriculum teaches children to think, not just memorize, and engages children in the world in which they live. With highly interactive and experiential activities, coupled with traditional learning techniques, our teaching is based on a hybrid of classical and current educational modes. Chances are NHCS students not only know more, but they've been on more field trips, and they have higher thinking and reasoning skills than others.

Curriculum Overview

K - Kindergarten - Creation, reading readiness skills, motor skills, phonics, math, science, art, music

1st - Bible, phonics, literature, California history, math, science, art

2nd - Bible, phonics, literature, US state history, math, science, art

3rd - Bible, phonics, literature, early American history, math, science, art, music

4th - Bible, literature, ancient civilizations, math, grammar, science, art, music

5th - Bible, literature, middle ages, math, grammar, science, art, music

6th - Bible, literature, early American history, math, grammar, science, art, music, Latin

7th - Bible, literature, American history, math, grammar, science, art, music, Latin

8th - Bible, literature, government and economics, math, grammar, science, art, music, Logic

Consistently producing higher test scores in California

Our kids thrive academically. This is reflected in the high test scores received on standardized test and entrance exams. Many students have been accepted to local high schools and received scholarships as well.

Biblical truth and principles woven throughout

Not just a class or after school program, God is the source of each subject and His character is revealed in every subject. For example, we teach history chronologically so students can see what God has been doing since creation. We read whole novels instead of excerpts and anthologies and teach students to evaluate the themes and characters biblically. We teach the consequences of ideas and choices as well as how to reason from Scripture.

Experiential, immersion field trips

Why just sit in a classroom when there is a great big world to experience and learn from? At New Harvest Christian School we take advantage of our location in California. From science camps and nature trips to Catalina Island, to the tidal pools in Carpenteria, we experience God's creations up close and personal. A trip to The Getty Villa culminates a study of Ancient Greece and Rome. A trip to the Huntington Library enhances our study of American art. We end our study of Middle Ages by watching a live tournament at Medieval Times. Our 8th graders end their year's study of Government and Economics with a Christian History Tour of America's east coast.